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I'm a regular Redditor. Some of my favorite content are on Reddit. From reading fascinating historical stories on /r/AskHistorians, to the scary stuff on /r/nosleep, or the discussion about the finale of a TV show (/r/HouseOfDragon).

My recently favorite subreddit has been /r/WritingPrompts. Wow, I wish I could write half as good as some of the stories there.

I figured it would be great to read all that content offline, on a comfortable e-ink screen.

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Features at a glance

I tried my best to keep the same styles as the original HN page.

  • Send Reddit discussions to your Kindle in one click
  • Fast! No PDF conversion needed.
  • Article usually delivered within a minute*
  • Child comments get proper indentation so you understand the context better
  • Downvoted comments are grayed out

As someone who doesnt have enough patience to scroll through a 1K+ cmt discussion, very appreciate this update! 🙏

Minh Hoang Nguyen
Software Engineer, Indie Hacker
Minh Hoang Nguyen - Software Engineer, Indie Hacker

Easy to navigate

Like any forum, when reading child comments, the conversation could get off-topic real quick.

I wanted to quickly move to the next top-level comment, which usually sets a different context or new perspectives.

KTool makes it easy with a chapter selection by leveraging the built-in Table of Content

I love the quality of KTool article conversion, much better that what I had built, which was better than other solutions!

Divyendu Singh
Staff Engineer at Yara
Divyendu Singh - Staff Engineer at Yara

Kindle native

KTool supports all Kindle's native features

  • Notes & Hightlights
  • Bookmarks
  • Themes, Font & Layout
  • Dictionary & Wikipedia
  • Sync with Kindle mobile apps
  • New: now with modern EPUB format

[...] It's the best 'To Kindle' conversion I have come across so far.

David Salter
Financial Services Solutions Architect
David Salter - Financial Services Solutions Architect

Who am I?

I'm Daniel Nguyen. In June, I quit my job to start indie hacking full-time.

The idea of KTool first came to my mind when I was reading Ask HN: I'm a software engineer going blind, how should I prepare?

I've been wearing glasses since I was 5. My right eye is basically blind. Doctors said there is no chance to cure it.

I was genuinely scared. Like holy shit, if my left eye stops working, my life is done. Since then I've been very conscious about time spent on computer screens.

That's when I started using Kindle-related products: to offload as many reading materials as possible to the Kindle. I was a happy customer of Push to Kindle. Great product!

Then I ran into multiple limitations which led me to build KTool: a tool to send anything online to Kindle. Blog posts, Twitter threads, Hacker News discussions, RSS, newsletters, PDF, AZW3... you name it.

I built this specific page for sending Reddit discussions to your Kindle. If you want to read other content, give KTool a try.

That's me and my daughter, trying to build a profitable Internet business

If you're on Twitter, let's connect. I'm actively #buildinpublic there.