Hello Custom Magazine

February may be a short month, but I still managed to ship a lot of features. I’m super excited to share what’s news on KTool.

At a glance:

  • Hello Custom Magazine
  • Browser Extension: improved Preview Mode, added support for Context Menu & quickly add article to Custom Magazine
  • Mobile App: send documents to Kindle via KTool (PDF, DOCX, and EPUB)
  • Reading experience: images Zoom Tool

march update- custom magazine is here

Joking asides, let’s dive in!

Custom Magazine

A Custom Magazine is your personal magazine around a particular topic. It works similarly to your Periodicals (Daily Read or Weekly Read), but you can also choose to deliver it manually.

Here is how I use each type of magazine:

  • Daily Read: for everyday news (eg: Hacker News, TechCrunch RSS…)
  • Weekly Read: for weekly newsletter subscriptions (eg: Lenny’s Newsletter, The Pragmatic Engineer…)
  • Custom Magazine: for curated content within a specific topic that I’m learning (Growth, SEO, Writing…)

march update- custom magazine is here-1

Browser extension context menu

I’ve added Context Menu support in the latest release (v1.7.0). It works well with the new Custom Magazine feature.

New Preview Mode

The Preview Mode got a couple of improvements:

  1. You can now edit the title & content of the article
  2. An always-visible action sidebar so you can quickly send the article to your Kindle

→ Watch the full demo

Send documents to Kindle via KTool mobile app

Sending documents from your smartphone to Kindle is a lot easier now. Simply share it to the KTool app, wait for a couple of minutes and you got it ready on your Kindle.

Images Zoom Tool

One pet peeve of mine when reading articles on Kindle is some images contain really small text. Amazon software, by default, doesn’t allow zooming in on an image.

Well, with KTool, you can!

→ Watch the full demo

march update- custom magazine is here-5

I need your help

I have a favor to ask. If you’re a blog or newsletter author, please join my affiliate program and receive a 30% commission on all payments.

Thank you 🙏

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