Support more comic sites, Custom Magazine on mobile app and more

I hope you had a fantastic August 😄

First of all, thank you for your continued support.

After more than a year, KTool has made 250k+ deliveries with more than 1 million articles parsed. All thanks to your support 🙏

If you’re in a hurry, here is a TL;DR:

  • Comic sites support
  • Mobile App: Custom Magazine management
  • Browser Extension: Send articles to Daily & Weekly Magazine using the context menu
  • RSS performance improvements
  • One more thing: I built 2 new AI apps

Comic sites support

By popular request, I’ve added support for a few comic sites: XKCD,,…

You can subscribe to their RSS feeds and enjoy reading comics every day.

Protip: Use the Bulk import feature to create a comic book with multiple chapters.

If you’re on the Platinum Plan, feel free to request support for more sites. Send me an email with the comic sites you wanted to read on Kindle and I will try my best to develop a parser for them.

Send Comics to Kindle

Mobile App: Custom Magazine management

You can now preview, delete, and deliver custom magazines manually on the mobile app.

Enjoy reading on the go!

Browser Extension: Send articles to Daily & Weekly Magazine using the context menu

The browser extension just got a minor improvement. You can now send articles directly to your Daily & Weekly Magazine without opening it first.

How it works:

  1. Right-click on the article link
  2. Choose KTool Magazine > Add to Daily Magazine

It also works well for Custom Magazines. I created a simple guide here:

How to create an ebook from web content with

RSS performance improvements

RSS support for KTool has been the most challenging feature for me. Unlike a traditional RSS reader, there are quite a few challenges to make it work on Kindle:

  • Convert RSS articles into a Kindle-native format: Some RSS feeds publish the full content, while most don’t.
  • Keep the number of articles reasonable: you don’t want to read 1,000+ articles per day on your Kindle.
  • Bundle these articles together and make it easy to navigate to the interest ones
  • Support rich media formats such as embedded videos, related links…

In this release, I’ve fixed a few critical bugs and improved the overall performance. Don’t hesitate to send me an email should you encounter any issues.

One more thing

I’ve developed 2 new AI productivity apps for Mac users. If you’re a Mac user and are looking to integrate AI into your day-to-day workflow then give it a try.

  • BoltAI: Instant access to ChatGPT on any Mac app
  • PDF Pals: Chat with any PDF on your Mac

That’s all for now

Thanks again for your support.

See you on the next updates 👋

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