Can I Read News On Kindle?

This article is going to give you 3 super-easy ways to read news on your Kindle - making your favorite device even more useful than it already is.

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By Daniel Nguyen · Oct 9, 2022


How to take screenshots on Kindle Paperwhite?

Readers have plenty of reasons to take a screenshot on Kindle, but wonder how to do it when there is no button on their devices.

In this post, we will show you how to capture a screenshot on the e-reader and how to view it.

3 Easy Ways To Read Blog Posts On Kindle

Kindle has been a revolution in digital reading with its beautiful interface making reading an absolute pleasure.

Especially if you’re someone who prefers reading physical pages - Kindle is the closest you’ll get to reading off a page without holding an actual book.

Now, imagine using the same technology to read blog posts. No more annoying ads and glaring screens, only the content you want to read without all the distractions...

Can I Read News On Kindle?

I’ve tried a bunch of methods for reading news on my Kindle, some worked better than others.

After all my testing, I’ve discovered 3 ways you can read news on Kindle...

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