✨ Release v1.8

  • Added parsers for comic sites: XKCD,,…
  • Browser Extension: Send articles to Daily & Weekly Magazine using the context menu
  • Mobile App: added the ability to manage Custom Magazines
  • Fix the issue where articles from Custom Magazines are not delivered
  • General bug fixes and improvements

April 2023 release

  • Mobile App: you can now add articles to your Custom Magazines
  • Mobile App: you can now search for past articles on mobile app
  • Article Parser: Added new parsers for newsletters including Substack, Morning Brew and The Bytes newsletter
  • Article Parser: Added a new parser for
  • Article Parser: QR Code for Youtube videos
  • New: ADHD Reader Mode — helps you read faster by highlighting beginning of every word of the article
  • New: Send markdown documents directly to your Kindle
  • Fix: fix the issue where articles are cut off for some websites
  • Improve overall system performance

March 08, 2023 release

  • New: Custom Magazine
  • Browser Extension: improved Preview Mode
  • Browser Extension: added Context Menu support
  • Browser Extension: fix authentication issue for some users + general improvements
  • Mobile App: send documents to Kindle via KTool (supports PDF, DOCX and EPUB)
  • Mobile App: fix authentication issues for Pixel phones
  • Mobile App: faster app's startup time
  • Article Parser: images Zoom Tool
  • Article Parser: improve article parser for NewYorker & ArsTechnica

February 02, 2023 release:

  • Better book cover: The Amazon parser is quite buggy and usually detects the wrong cover for the ebook. KTool fixed this.
  • Bulk articles import: Sending individual articles to Kindle can be tedious. Good new: you can bulk importing now.
  • New Table of Contents section: Quickly jump to interesting articles within your magazine
  • KTool mobile app now supports Personal Magazine management

December 22, 2022 release:

  • RSS support in KTool: finally you can subscribe to your favorite feeds and enjoy reading on your Kindle, fully automated. It comes with first-class Substack support
  • Customizable magazine’s title: you can now customize the title of your personal magazine
  • Mobile App’s Default Action: you can choose to add article to magazine on mobile app. Also Android is fully supported now 🎉

November 14, 2022 release:

  • All-new KTool mobile app: the KTool mobile app supports all mobile browsers, 24+ news apps and 8+ aggregator apps. It’s easier to use and way more powerful.
  • Newsletter improvement: you can route all newsletters to your personal Magazines

October 10, 2022 release:

  • Personal Magazines (Periodicals): you can now add articles to your Daily or Weekly Magazine
  • On-demand Article Conversion: KTool parses links within your articles automatically, allowing you to send them to your Kindle using the built-in browser.
  • Beta support for Kobo: KTool now supports Kobo devices via Dropbox integration

MVP release

  • KTool browser extension: quickly send current web page to Kindle using the KTool browser extension (available for Safari, Chrome &amp Firefox). It supports content behind paywalls!
  • Quick Send on the web: you can quickly send a web page to Kindle using the web-based version. Note that it doesn’t support content behind paywalls.