RSS is here

I’m excited to share that you can now read RSS on Kindle with KTool. This also fulfills my initial vision for KTool: send (almost) any web articles to Kindle.

First of all, I would like to say thank you for supporting me on this weird startup journey 😊

When I started KTool, I thought it was just another dumb startup idea. Then I said to myself: whatever, I needed it so just f*cking do it. It’s your continued support makes it a business 🙏

Alright. Let’s talk about RSS.

How RSS works in KTool

The way RSS works in KTool is super simple: when a new feed item is published, KTool will parse the content and by default, add to your Daily Magazine. You can also configure it to send directly to your Kindle or add to your Weekly Magazine instead.

RSS is here

Unlike other RSS readers, KTool automatically detects the content type, pulls the full content if needed and converts to a beautiful ebook, ready to read on your Kindle.

Thank to our powerful parser, custom content such as Twitter threads, Reddit posts & Hacker News discussions are automatically converted and embedded in your magazine.

RSS to Kindle ebook

You may ask: what if I want to put articles in a topic to a custom magazine (eg: magazine for Marketing, Programming, Philosophy etc.)?

Good question. I’ve already started working on custom magazine support. Stay tuned!

First-class Substack support

You can subscribe to free Substack publications directly with KTool. Just enter the link to your favorite publication and KTool will automatically find its RSS feeds.

For paid publications, you need to subscribe using your email address and setup an email forwarding instead. Click here to set up newsletters on KTool

Read Substack on Kindle

Excellent Hacker News support

I’m an avid Hacker News reader. I’ve been reading HN for more than 10 years. And it’s probably the biggest source of inspiration for me to start my startup journey.

But scrolling HN can be quite unproductive.

With KTool, I could read HN best stories on my Paperwhite with Hacker News RSS

Pretty awesome, isn’t it?

Read Hacker News RSS on Kindle

Why no feed browsing?

You may notice that there is no UI to browsing content within a RSS feed.

Yes, that is 100% intentional.

As someone who was diagnosed with ADHD, I build KTool to help me spend less time doom-scrolling, and more time on focused reading. That mean KTool dashboard should be a lightweight control panel where you set up and forget.

You can always go to the Magazines screen to remove articles you don’t want to read.

Stop doom-scrolling with KTool

What's next?

KTool is pretty much feature-complete in terms of sending content to your Kindle.

But reading alone doesn’t improve your productivity much. I want KTool to help you on writing as well, whether for your newsletters, your blogs or your own learning.

My next focus will be on better search support (I’m hyped for AI-based semantic search) and your personal content library.

Stay tuned!

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