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Just thought of using my Kindle again before going to sleep today and tried KTool of @daniel_nguyenx, it’s awesome and makes a lot sense now! 🤩 Now I want to send many things to my Kindle to read before going to sleep, without being hooked to the platforms 🪄👌
I have a constant list of things I should read, while also a Kindle with nothing in it. @daniel_nguyenx built a easy way to ping things to it in a second. It's flipping great.
1 year ago I gave away my Kindle because ktool.io by @daniel_nguyenx didn't exist. Today I'm looking into buying a new one.
I finally got a kindle and it’s pretty cool. But the best part, by far, is to be able to read my newsletter and some of my other favorite newsletters on it. @ktool_io pulls everything in surprisingly cleanly too, just text and images none of the web junk.
Innovative tool of the week #2 @ktool_io, a tool that let you send web articles, blog posts, Twitter threads and newsletters to Kindle in a good looking way 👌🏽
Just purchased a lifetime license for @ktool_io to send longform articles to my Kindle app on my Boyue Likebook eReader. It's the best 'To Kindle' conversion I have come across so far. Looking forward to seeing this app progress.
finally had the time to give @ktool_io a try .. @daniel_nguyenx is creating a stellar product there! if you have a Kindle this is a no-brainer - read any website (e.g. blog posts) on your Kindle! I'd highly recommend to grab yourself a lifetime deal as long as it's available 🔥
@daniel_nguyenx @ktool_io Looks awesome. I had two long blog posts in tabs today that I closed because I just wasn’t going to read them on my computer. Sending them to my Kindle would have been awesome
shoutout to @daniel_nguyenx and his product @ktool_io . I've been trying to read more on my kindle (off social media) and his tool makes it super easy to send articles and links directly to my kindle (reader formatted too!) It's really amazing how easy it is.
Finally got around to signing up for @ktool_io guess who’s sending long form web articles to his kindle from now on? This guy.
Just used the free tier of @ktool_io to send a "long read" article to my Kindle and the entire process was streamlined and beautiful. Absolutely love it. Great work @daniel_nguyenx!
@daniel_nguyenx @ktool_io now that's a cool project idea. kindle always feels very relaxing to read.
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